1.Bluetooth connection and Stereo Inputs
Features a variety of input connections including a 3.5 ø headphone jack
input and an RCA unbalanced input ,also with wireless Bluetooth
connection .

2. 1.25” Silk-Dome Tweeter
Silk-dome tweeter with Ferro fl uid cooled neodymium magnet provides
low distortion with a linear high frequencyresponse resulting in a clear,
precise and sweet top end.

3. Low Frequency Driver
Custom designed woven carbon fiber, copolymer butyl surround woofers
providing each monitor with a tight andcontrolled low frequency

4.HF and LF control
The pre-amp controls, HF and LF knob ,Volume knob, used to adjust the
overall level of the internal power amplifier. The K30 has been designed
to provide flat, accurate Sound quality.

5. Tuned Vent Port
The enclosures also include a tuned vent port that provides extended
low-end response, and with a low turbulence design, the low frequency
driver can move freely with minimal effect on the overall impedance.

6. MDF Construction
The K30 enclosures are constructed from MDF (Medium Density
Fiberboard) and are finished in scuff resistant, vinyl covering with
painted gloss black baffles.