1.Special Design for HI-FI Beginner

 80W 40W for each channel ,total 80W


2.Hand-made ,fashion and classical style

 Fashion piano painting and leather craft


3 bands frequency equalization

 Sound reproduction High fidelity, structured, dynamic highlighting, rich sense of pleasant listening, beautiful tone


4.Multi-level high-frequency response curve

1.25-inch soft dome tweeter provides a soft, flat, multi-level high-frequency response curve


5.Specially designed air vents

low turbulence designed to minimize the impact of the


6.wider range of low-frequency response

5.25 “ woofer offers a wider range of low-frequency


7.High-end speaker cable

High-end 2.5 meters speaker cable, lower audio distortion,high purity oxygen-free copper material, low loss


8.Crystal gold-plated plug

High-end, crystal gold-plated plug to increase the contact surface and lower distortion