Build-in 2In/2Out Stereo sound card 

The C50 includes a high quality 16bit/48kHz 2in/2Out (Stereo) Audio interface which enables you to input and output high-quality sound. The build-in audio interface has superb audio characteristic.

Touch-sensitive Jog Wheels
The touch-sensitive Jog Wheels can accurately reproduce hand scratching effects of vinyl records.The Jog Sensor adjust knobs for speedy and accurate adjustments.

Bundle with VirtualDJ LE
It comes bundled with Virtual DJ LE, Audio/Video/Karaoke mixing software. The C50 is MIDI-mapable and compatible with other popular DJ programs.

Intuitive layout and 4 Decks Control
Each side of the unit can control up to two decks with visible deck color change for intuitive, straightforward operation. Maximum 4 decks control by switching through with the DECK selector. 

 Replaceable Crossfader with Audio/Video Switchable
The high quality replaceable crossfader with curve adjustment has 3 different modes - Audio, Video, and Link modes for Video DJing. It provides diversity control for crossfader.

 DJing-friendly Layout Desing
The user interface layout is based on popular DJing software. There are 108 control elemetns included 76 buttons, 19 knobs, 6 encoders, 5 faders and 2 Jog Wheels.