Mixer Section Functions and Features

l   Inputs: Line/Phone x 2 (RCA), MIC x2 (6.3mm), AUX x1, USB type B x 1

l   Outputs: Master x 2 (balanced and RCA), Booth x 1, headphone x2 (3.5mm and 6.3mm)

l   Stand-alone 2-Channel digital mixer

l   Build-in 2In/2Out (Stereo) sound card

l   High quality audio characteristics

l   Matrix inputs select for diversity inputs

l   Easy replaceable crossfader with curve adjust knob

l   Three-band EQ with Full output kill function for each channel

l   MP3 player and tablet pad friendly Aux input

l   2 MIC with level control, tone adjust and auto talkover function

l   Headphone with level control and cue mixing

l   Dual headphone jack 6.3mm and 3.5mm

l   Booth out with level adjust knob

l   Dual 10 LED monitor display (selectable PFL or Master output)

Software Control Functions and Features

l   DVS direct mode for timecode DJing software

l   Optional bundle with VirtualDJ LE

l   Bundle with low latency ASIO driver

l   Intuitive layout design and 4 Decks control

l   Illuminated high-resolution touch-sensitive jog wheels

l   Jog wheels sensor adjust knobs for each wheel

l   Durable large-size Cue ,PLAY and Cue Play buttons

l   Dual functions cross fader for VirtualDJ (Audio/Video Cross fader)

l   Dual FX units control with 4 knobs and 4 buttons for each unit

l   Independent 8 samples buttons for sample deck or sample bank

l   SHIFT key in two sides for various dual-button operations

l   Function setting software and firmware updatable

l   110 control elements included 76 buttons, 21 knobs, 6 encoders, 5 faders and 2 jog wheels

l   Perfectly control the newest DJing software functions include loop recorder and sample deck

l   Control Video transition and video effect for video DJing software