3-Band EQ with Kill Function

Every channel of M10 has independent 3-Band EQ knob control and EQ kill function (the kill function allows complete EQ audio frequency volume turn-off for special sound effects). 








 Fader Start Function

The Fader Start function can increase the accuracy and efficiency of cross-fading. When the Fader Start function is engaged, the CD/Mp3 Player can be immediately started and paused by the crossfader.  In order to activate the Fader Start function, M60 must be linked with a compatible Fader Start CD/Mp3 player such as VOXOA’s P70, P60, or P30.




 2 Fader Curve Modes and Curves  

A crossfader curve adjustment on a mixer allow you to gradually alter the way how fast a crossfader will cut in the second sound.