3-Band EQ Adjustment Knobs and High Quality Channel Fader

Every channel has an independent 3-Band EQ knob control that lets you shape your tone in hi, mid, and low frequencies. A high quality 60mm channel fader allows you to adjust the volume precisely.  Each channel fader can be changed individually to ease your upgrades or replacements. 




   3 Microphone Inputs

M50 has 3 microphone inputs.  There are two microphone inputs placed at the front control panel  for easy access. The micropne inputs are compatible with both XLR and 6.3mm type microphone.  each microphone input features 3-band EQ control knobs and a volume contro knob.





  Microphone Talk-over Function 

Talkover function automatically detecting microphone turn on and automatically adjusting music volume down to background level.





 Independent Volume Level Meter for Each Channel

Each channel features an independent volume level meter to display the output sound level.  There are 10 LEDs on each level meter display which helps DJs to obtain more detailed volume information and ease the music mixing process.





  High Quality VCA Crossfader

VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) crossfaders can dramatically decrease noise due to electronic circuit processing and wire impedance, thus enhancing final output sound quality.  VCA crossfaders, used in high-end professional audio mixers, are the best and most expensive crossfaders.  VOXOA understands that sound quality is very important to DJs and makes VCA crossfaders a standard feature for the best mixing experience





  Subwoofer Control 

Unique subwoofer control allows DJs to set the cutoff frequency and to set the volume level below that of cutoff frequency.  This feature can help DJs emphasize the bass or make special effects in the final output.  Moreover, subwoofer control can be applied on stage lighting systems.   










  Fader Start Function

The Fader Start function can increase the accuracy and efficiency of cross-fading. When the Fader Start function is engaged, the CD/Mp3 Player can be immediately started and paused by the crossfader.  In order to activate the Fader Start function, M60 must be linked with a compatible Fader Start CD/Mp3 player such as VOXOA’s P70, P60, or P30.