Two Channel Mixer with 7 audio inputs and 2 USB inputs

M60 offers 7 high quality audio inputs (2 aux/phono, 2-line, 2 USB & 1 mic) and two USB inputs.  You can import music from the computer to M60, and you can export the blended music from M60 to the computer via the USB connection and computer audio recording software.  



             ... 8 DSP digital Sound Effects

M60 has a powerful DSP chip to create and manage digital sound effects.  There are 8 digital sound effects: Echo, Auto Pan, Flanger, Manual Filter, Auto-Filter, Reverb, Trans, and Pitch Shifter.  Moreover, there is also a send/return port for you to connect an external sound effector.  The sound effects can be automatically beat-matched with your music.  There is a built-in BPM counter with 6 bar beat-synchronized buttons, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1/1, 2, and 4.  DJs can also adjust the sound effect's X (time) and Y (depth) parameters via the control knobs. 




 Fader Start Function

The Fader Start function can increase the accuracy and efficiency of cross-fading. When Fader Start is engaged, the CD/Mp3 Player can be started and paused by the crossfader immediately.  In order to activate the Fader Start function, M60 need to be linked with Fader Start compatible CD/Mp3 player such as VOXOA’s P70, P60 and P30. 







  Fader Curve Adjustment 

A crossfader curve adjustment on a mixer allows you to gradually alter the speed with which a crossfader will cut in the second sound. The DJ can also adjust the channel fader on M60.  There are three different linear settings with a slow-fast slope adjustment knob to satisfy your demands. 






  3 Crossfader Effects

M60 has three crossfader effects: Echo, Zip, and Roll.  You can add one of these effects to your music while cross-fading.




  High Quality VCA Crossfader

VCA (Voltage Controlled Amplifier) crossfaders can dramatically decrease noise due to electronic circuit processing and wire impedance, thus enhancing final output sound quality.  VCA crossfaders, used in high-end professional audio mixers, are the best and most expensive crossfaders.  VOXOA understands that sound quality is very important to DJs and makes VCA crossfaders a standard feature for the best mixing experience




 Large & Bright LCD Display

A large and bright display provides clear and easy-to-read information during DJing.  The information includes BPM, music name, effect's parameters, etc., to help DJs comfortably manage and control music in a dark environment.