-  Reliable Anti-Shock playback with buffer memory
Automatic and manual tap beat counter
Sleep function for reducing power consumption
Media Types                                                                    
Support for CD / MP3 playback with text display
-  ID3 TAG and CD text support
Instant start via 1 bit technology (8 fold)
Instant playback from cue point
Fader start to control playback on fader move
Relay play function
Single and Continuous play modes
Cue Play function can back to cue and play instantly
Data Search                                                                                      
Track and folder searching system
Frame search for precisely searching
Onboard file and folder browsing
Auto cue function cues track to start of music
Seamless loop function / reloop function
Loop out point real-time adjustment
4 independent hot cues/loops banks with real-time adjustment
Every CD can save 4 hot cues/loops up to 2048 for CD
Pitch Control                                                                
Adjustable pitch range ±4%, ±8%, ±16% and ±100%
High quality 100 mm long pitch fader
Pitch Bend Button Design
Pitch bend up to +/- 100%
Key Lock allow a track’s tempo to be changed without affecting the original key of the track
Jog Wheel                                                            
Touch sensitive jog wheel for scratching
Multifunctional jog wheel for search, pitch bend and effects adjustment
2 modes for jog wheel: Normal CDJ, Scratch
4 superb beat synchronized digital effects
Effect parameters Time and Depth adjustable via Jog Wheel
Large extra bright display for all important functions
Display playing address
Elapsed/remain time display
Displays text for ID3 tags and folder names for easy navigation
Text display for navigating folders on MP3 CDs and USB flash drives
Digital S/PDIF output
Analog RCA outputs