MP3 Playback

The P30 can read, display, and play MP3 files written to CD-Rs, providing DJs with the ability to store music on a single media or for extended playback time. Files can be searched for easily either manually or by scanning or using file search functions including File search and File/Folder search. Additionally MP3 ID3 information tags can be viewed on the display.


   Vinyl Scratch Effect


The high resolution, touch-sensitive Jog Wheel can accurately reproduce hand scratching effects of vinyl records.



           4 Digital Sound Effects

The P30 provides four digital sound effects, including ECHO, FLANGER, FILTER and BREAK, to enhance creativity and performance.  Moreover, effect parameters Time and  Depth can be adjusted indepndently via the ob wheel. 




 MP3 File Search System and CD TEXT

MP3 File Search System allows you to locate in seconds hundreds of MP3 tracks on a CD-R/RW by artist name, song title or folder. In addition, MP3 ID3 Tags and Audio CD Text are supported on a large, easy-to-read dot matrix fluorescent tube display.






  Seamless Loop and Reloop      

With this function, any section on music can be played repeatedly between in & out points with no break in sound or limit in length. Once the loop is be set, it can then be looped continuously or until the ReLoop/Exit button is pressed. The loop can be re-trigged at any time by hitting the ReLoop/Exit button again. 








  Tempo Control and Range

 A 100mm linear high precision slider gives DJs total control and ensures that the tempo adjustment is easy and accurate. The range of tempo +/- 4%, +/-8%, +/-10% and +/-100% can be assigned to the Tempo Control slider.








  Key Lock

The Key Lock function locks the pitch of the track even when you adjust the speed of the track. You can speed up or slow down the beat without any noticeable difference in vocal and music pitch.


  Multi-functional Touch Sensitive Jog Wheel


The high resolution, touch-sensitive Jog Wheel can accurately reproduce hand scratching effects of vinyl records. The Jog Wheel can also perform other vital functions such as pitch bending, scanning, frame searching, parameter control for effects, and pitch/volume control for sampling.



 4-Pad Memory Points Triggers 

Every CD/MP3 can be saved 4 memo points for Hot Cues and Loops. With 2000 memo points on-board, the P30 can store your Hot Cues and Loops on any audio CD/MP3 track and recall them at a later time when that track is cued in CD drive.






  Anti-Shock Buffer Memory  

 Sound jumps or skipping is prevented by using Anti-Shock buffer memory for continuous playback even in the event of a bump or knock.


 Digital Output

The digital output for
Main provides a true 100% digital signal without any restrictions or limitations regardless of pitch change or mode setting.





 Fader Start Play
Linked with a compatible mixer, the Fader Start Play function makes the mixer’s fader perform back cue and quick start functions.