-  19” 2U Rack-moutable (Controller 2U, Player 2U)
-  Reliable Anti-Shock playback with buffer memory
-  Automatic and manual tap beat counter
Media Types                                                           
-  Support for CD / MP3 playback with text display
-  2 USB sockets for external USB device support
-  ID3 TAG and CD text support
-  Instant start via 1 bit technology (8 fold)
-  Fader start to control playback on fader move
-  Relay play function
-  Single and Continuous play modes
Music Search                                                      
-  Track and folder searching system
-  Frame search for precisely searching
-  VOXOA TUNEBOX software for fast searching massive USB device
-  Onboard file and folder browsing
-  Auto cue function cues track to start of music
-  Seamless loop function / reloop function
Pitch Control                                                             
-  Adjustable pitch range ±4%, ±8% and ±16%
-  High quality pitch fader
-  Pitch bend control button
-  Pitch bend up to +/- 100%
-  Key Lock allow a track’s tempo to be changed without affecting the original key of the track
Jog Wheel                                                             
-  Dual high quality 2.4” jog wheels
-  Jog wheel control for pitch bending and fream searching
-  Large extra bright display for all important functions
-  Display playing address
-  Elapsed/remain time display
-  Displays text for ID3 tags and folder names for easy navigation
-  Text display for navigating folders on MP3 CDs and USB flash drives
-  Analog RCA outputs X 2