1. CD/CD-R/CD-RW music and Mp3/Wav file playback

The P40 can read, display, and play MP3 files written to CD-Rs, providing DJs with the ability to store music on a single media or for extended playback time. Files can be searched for easily either manually or by scanning or using file search functions including File search and File/Folder search. Additionally MP3 ID3 information tags can be viewed on the display

2. External USB Device Support

In this digital era, USB devices have become the most convenient way to store collections of music. P70 supports external USB mass storage devices. Connect an MP3 player, thumb drive, or hard drive for easy access of up to 255 folders,each of which can hold 999 files in MP3/WAV format.

3. Anti-Shock Buffer Memory

Anti-Shock buffer memory prevents skipping and provides continuous playback despite getting bumped or knocked.

4. Twin Recording Mode

Select External/Internal recording source ,If Internal mode ,you could record from CD music to USB1/2 pen drive ; If External mode, you could record outside input audio signal to USB1/2 pen drive, recording format could be decided to WAV(16bit,44.1kHz)or MP3(64kps~320kps)

5. Two Output Choice

P40 could choose normal playback(play while recording with different music source)or recording output(synchronous recording and playback with same music source

6. Infrared Ray Remote Control

P40 includes inrared ray remote control function, so you can control the player when you are not in front of the player. The feature adds a lot of convenience helpful for small lounge bars, music restaruants, and other entertainment places.