“VOXOA Fascination” – Beijing station

  “VOXOA Fascination” – Beijing station

        Join VOXOA activities to win prizes!

     Beijing, as the cradle of VOXOA, is the place which records each growing step of VOXOA most faithfully. Now VOXOA specially organize “VOXOA Fascination” activity – Beijing station, during the 2012 Beijing Palm Expo, to welcome all DJs, VOXOA distributors, music lovers and young people at home and abroad to join our activity. Let’s work together to witness the great rise of the DJ culture in China!
Activity Content
1.  Date: May 24th ~ 27th, 2012
     Place: Booth E15, W4 Hall, China International Exhibition Center (New Hall), Beijing
2.  As long as the activity interests you, just go to VOXOA booth, choose a place you prefer in the booth, and take a photo or some brief video for you and VOXOA with your mobile phone, camera or any other film equipments. Each participant on the scene can get VOXOA specailly designed controller key ring in C60 appearance and a nice woven bag;
3.  If you have further interest to make a Djing show in the booth stage with VOXOA products, and take photos or short videos, you will get a delicate VOXOA 4G USB memory;
4.  During the activity period, upload your photos / videos taking from VOXOA booth to the designated section of VOXOA official website: “VOXOA Fascination” – Beijing station. After the deadline of upload , VOXOA will prepare 10 pcs VOXOA H60 professional DJ headphone and 5 pcs BUBM professional digital work bag as the “Choice Award” for the top 15 participants through selection (Selection methods described below).
5.  Period of Participation (taking photos / videos and making uploads): May 24th ~ Jun 10th, 2012
Selection methods 
“VOXOA Fascination” – Beijing station – Choice Award
1. During the period, participants fillouttherelevant information in VOXOA designated website section(http://www.voxoa-pro.com/join.php?lang=cn), and uploadphotos orvideos, then you can getthe eligibility after your upload passed auditing of VOXOA ,.
2. During the period, all netizen could vote for his preferred photo or video, netizen could click “赞(good)” if he likes it, the more browse and click your photo or video get, the more posibility you will VOXOA Grand Prize. Remember the knack: the earlier you make upload, the nearer the grand prize to you!
3.  Selection Method: Browsed times your photo/video get + “赞(good)” clicks your photo/video get + expert selection, to select the top 15 “Choice Awards” from all participated photos and videos.
4. VOXOA will announce the final winners list on the website pages on June 12th, 2012.
5.  Method of receiving prizes:
VOXOA shall send out the Grand Prize for the 15 “Choice Awards” winners by express after verifying the participant’s identity and address (only deliver domestic address).
Method of uploading photos or videos
1. Enter into VOXOA official website: www.voxoa-pro.com ;
2. Click "DJ Activities" section, click "I want to participate” to enter into the upload page;
3. In upload page, choose to upload photos or videos to the according activity in the "Category" column, here select “VOXOA Fascination” – Beijing station;
4. Fill in the relevant information, upload photos in JPG format, photo size within 2MB;
5. If you take videos, you can upload it to Youku first, then copy the link URL of your video and stick your link URL to "video link" column on the upload page of VOXOA official website;
6.  Make some adjustments for your photos or videos, then click the "I have read and accept the Copyright and upload norms", then click  “OK to send out”, it will jump to the successful upload page, then click “Finish";
7.  VOXOA staff will audit the photos / video within two working days after your upload, if passed the audit, your photos / videos will appear on the page of VOXOA DJ activities.

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